Purpose Driven Life, Day 1-3

 As I stated in the previous post, I started reading The Purpose 3 days ago…here’s my review so far.

Day 1: It All Starts With God – This chapter was more of a reminder than anything that everything under the sun starts with God. Challenging us to stop and take a look at everything around us, big and small and remember the importance of how it all started. This chapter asks us to how we can remind ourselves that life is really about living for God and not myself.

For me, I believe that I really have to look within myself and ask God to always show me when I’m not living for him. Praying constantly that I don’t get caught up in worldly things.

Day 2: You Are Not An Accident – The title says it all here, but sometimes people need that reminder, especially when things seem bleak. This chapter asks us what area of our lives (personality, background, appearance) are we struggling to accept?

My weight definitely stuck out  for me because that’s something I’m struggling with right now.

Day 3 – What Drives Your Life? – This chapter touches on the different things that drive our lives, whether it be guilt, resentment and anger, fear, materialism or approval. It also highlights the benefits of living a purpose driven life and how it gives meaning to your life, allowing you to simplify it and focus on what’s most important, which is ultimately finding out what God intended for you to do on this Earth. Today’s question asked what would our family and friends say is the driving force of my life? What do I want it to be?

I think that a lot of people would say the driving force of my life is my son, and wanting to provide the best life I can for him. What do I want it to be? That’s a tough question…at this point…I honestly don’t know, hopefully I’ll know by the time I’m done this 40-day journey.

If you’re reading this book or have read it, please share your thoughts.

Learning to live in the moment,



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