Personal Challenge…Spending DIET!!!

A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich. He who gathers in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who brings shame. Proverbs 10:4-5

I’m on a diet…a spending diet that is!

For the month of March, I’ve decided that I’m going to put myself on a spending diet, what’s that you ask? Well, that means sticking super tight to my budget, not buying anything I don’t need…here’s the plan:

*Bring my lunch to work everyday…that means lots and lots of meal planning and leftovers

*Brining snacks to school instead of buying crap late at night when I know I’m not supposed to be eating

*None of that “sale” stuff (I don’t care how good a deal it is)

*Only purchase my needs…NO WANTS around here

*Renew and reaffirm my goal everyday (take it one day at a time)

*Pray…Pray for will power and strenght…I know I can do this!!!!

Learning to Live in the moment,



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