Purpose Driven Life, Day 4 (Yesterday)

 Day 4: Made to Last Forever – This chapter basically reiterates that there’s another chapter for us after we’re done here on Earth. Death is something no one likes to talk about, but we all get there some day. Learning to life your life for God will better prepare us for our time in Eternity. Today’s question asks us what is the one thing we should stop doing and the one thing we should start doing?

I immediately thought, there are so many things I should stop doing, there are so many things that we do daily knowingly and unknowingly, that are not right in the eyes of God. Ultimately, I said that I need to stop procrastinating, it’s such a bad habit of mine. I feel kind of feel like I’m wasting God’s time…I’m not appreciating what’s he’s given me. The one thing I need to start doing is serving God, wholeheartedly. Not a lot of people will admit that…people will say they are serving God, but not many will admit that they have trouble doing it.

At only four days in, this book is putting me through the fire…looking at myself in a different light. It’s strange but good at the same time.


Learning to live in the moment,



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