Purpose Driven LIfe, Day 5

Day 5: Seeing Life From God’s View – This chapter is all about how you see your life and how our view compare’s to the way God wants us to see life. This chapter also looks at two of the three metaphors that teaches us God’s view of life. The first being “Life on earth is a Test”, everything we do is a test, from opening the door for a stranger to how we handle life’s difficult circumstances. The second is “Life on earth is a Trust”, reminding us that we don’t own anything here on earth, God does, and he’s merely trusting us until our time comes to an end.

This chapter asks “what has happened to me recently that I know was a test from God? And what is the greatest matters God has entrusted me with?”

My faith was recently tested when I had three of the most influential people in my life pass away within a year and a half. My Aunt, Grandmother and a dear friend…all come within 18 months. I was so out of whack for a long time…still I trusted God and knew that he would not give me more than I could handle. I believe the most important task God has entrusted me with is definitely my son. That tasks has been the most daunting and the most rewarding at the same time. I constantly struggle if I’m doing the best I can. I pray that God will continue to help me on this road of motherhood.

Learning to live in the moment,



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