Purpose Driven Life, Day 7

 Day 7: The Reason For Everything – This is the chapter that reminds us of the glory of God and that he is the reason for everything…the sun, the moon, the stars…down to the tiniest creatures of the earth. This chapter also looks at ways that we can give God glory, these include: We bring God glory by worshiping him, by loving other believers, by becoming like Christ, by serving others with our gifts and by telling others about him. The end question for Day 7 asks where in my daily routine can I become more aware of God’s glory?

This question wasn’t hard to answer, however, admitting the answer was very hard for me to do. I need to be more aware of God’s glory throughout my work day. There are days that I feel so miserable at work that I’m borderline ungrateful for my job. That’s hard to admit, especially when so many people don’t have a job. God has blessed me with a job, regardless of if it’s a job I like or not, his glory has shone on me and I need to be more grateful for it. Going forward, I will definitely try to be more grateful and remind myself that things could be a lot worse for us.

Learning to live in the moment,



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