Purpose Driven Life, Day 15

Day 15: Formed for God’s Family – This chapter talks about how important it is to consider yourself as part of God’s family. We were made to be part of God’s family, we get the ultimate inheritance. This chapter also emphasizes how important it is for us to have a relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, having a spiritual family is just as important as having a physical family. There were three main points in this chapter: 1) Benefits of God’s family – Our inheritance in heaven, no pain, death or suffering, we are made new to be life Christ. 2) Baptism: Identifying with God’s Family – Being baptized is the ultimate symbol of pride when you are part of God’s family. 3) Life’s Greatest Privilege – Jesus considers us his brothers and sisters when we accept him and become part of the family of God!

The question for today is: How can I start treating other believers like members of my own family?

I’m not a people person, I’m more of an introvert so even talking to people at Church is hard for me sometimes. I guess I can start by being most social and interacting with people more than I am now, getting to know them on a more personal level, find out what their interests are and take it from there. I have a long way to go with this one. Hopefully I can overcome some of my shyness!

Learning to live in the moment,



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