Purpose Driven Life, Day 20

Day 20: Restoring Broken Fellowship – If there’s a relationship in your life that needs to be restored, this is the chapter to read. Today’s chapter talks about the importance of being a peacemaker, how we should always seek to resolve conflicts, it’s something that can sometimes be very difficult to do, but it’s also what we are called to do as believers.

Day 20 is very specific about the steps that we should take in order to restore fellowship, they include:

Talking to God before talking to the person – It’s important to take everything to God in prayer first before you try to solve things on your own. We often spend more time trying to fix things ourselves than we do praying about it.

Always take the initiative – It doesn’t matter who was right or wrong, as believers God expects us to make the first move and it should take priority over everything.

Sympathize with their feelings – This is where you listen more than you talk, a lot of times people just need to release and just needs someone to listen. It’s important not to judge, just be that listening ear and sympathize with what they’re going through.

Confess your part of the conflict – Take responsibility for the role you played in the conflict. Once you’re able to accept your part of the conflict you are then able to move on to reconciliation. When you admit your wrong, it can defuse the other person’s anger.

Attack the problem, not the person – It’s easy to get these two mixed up, when there’s a problem we often look at the person first instead of the problem. Be sure to say what you have to say in a gentle tone, how you say things affect the resolution of the problem.

Cooperate as much as possible – Do everything you can to keep the peace. Keeping the peace has a price, it can cost us our pride and our self-centeredness, but for the sake of fellowship it’s important that we do our best to compromise and show preference to what they need.

Emphasize reconciliation, not resolution –  Resolution focuses on the relationship, resolution focuses on the problem. You don’t give up on finding a solution. The chapter finishes off by asking who do you need to contact as a result of this chapter? With whom do you need to restore fellowship?

The question for today is: Who do I need to restore a relationship with today?

Today’s topic came right on time, I had a disagreement…ok, more like a conflict with someone this morning. I admit that I could have handled things better than I did. There are a few other people who I can think of that I need to work on as well…I’m a work in progress.

Learning to live in the moment,



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