Spending Diet Update, Week 2

This spending diet thing is becoming a little harder than I thought it would be…especially when you have a child, you never know.

I think I did pretty good this week, I didn’t succumb to buying anything extravagant or anything like that. However, I did spend a little bit of money that I didn’t plan to.

I spent:

  • $30 on new dress shoes for my son (hopefully this will last him until the end of the year)
  • $40 for movies for the both of us (My son is on break from school and I felt bad that we really can’t get to do anything extra special, especially since he’s been doing so well in school)
  • $3.89 on a mini Caramel Crunch (I caved…sad, I know!)

I’m really hoping this week is better in terms of not spending what I don’t need to, I’m learning that I really have to be diligent if I’m going to be successful at this.

Learning to live in the moment,





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