Purpose Driven Life, Day 24

Day 24: Transformed By Truth – Day 24 talks about the truth of the Bible and how we should use the Word as guide to live our lives. The importance of reading our Bibles is the focus of this chapter, God’s Word is so important to our spiritual growth but some of us don’t meditate on the Word enough. This chapter gives us three points to consider while abiding in God’s Word:

I must accept its authority – The Bible must always be the authoritative standard for our lives. It must be our counsel in time off need, where we  go to for direction and guidance. Look to the Bible for the first and last word in our lives.

I must assimilate its truth – Fill your mind with scripture, receive God’s word when you listen and receive it with a open and receptive attitude. An important part of this is ready our Bibles daily, just like your body needs food to survive, your Spirit needs the Word to survive and thrive.

I must apply its principles – What’s the use of reading the Bible if we’re not putting what we’re learning into practice? It’s equally important that we live the truth, not just read it and be satisfied with that. This is why it’s so important to fellowship with others and talk about the truths of the Bible, you are held accountable and you learn from each other.

Today’s Question asks: What has God already told me in his Word that I haven’t started doing yet?

So much…for starters, my level of fear or doubt is really shameful, I’m actually embarrassed to say that. The Word says that God will provide, if he takes care of the birds in the air, then I have nothing to worry about. The thing is, I do worry, so much so that I am literally afraid to step out on faith and do what I know I should be doing. This is something that I`m working on…I know this will get better.

Learning to live in the moment,



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