Purpose Driven Life, Days 31-33

I’ve been crazy busy over the past week and haven’t been able to post much, I’ve been reading and as much as I can…so here goes, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet!

Day 31: Understanding Your Shape – Day 31 finishes up with our “SHAPE” that was discussed in the previous chapter.

Applying your Abilities – Learning to use our natural abilities that we were born  for God’s glory. You were blessed with more than one special ability, you do not have to use them all at once but you shouldn’t waste them either. If you’re not sure what your abilities are, take some time out and ask yourself what you enjoy doing the most and what you’re good at.

Using Your Personality –  There is no one else like you on this earth, no matter how “messed up” you think you are (and there are days when I think God can’t possible use me), God can use you! God has a way of working in different people in different ways.

Employing Your Experiences – This speaks to all the experiences that have shaped your life, they include: Family, Vocational, Educational, Spiritual, Ministry and even Painful experiences. Everything that happens to us, happens for a reason. Our most painful experiences are the ones that God wants us to use to Minister to others. I know this from experience, I’m a living testimony to this!

Day 32: Using What God Gave You – Trying to figure out what your talents and abilities are can be one of the most frustrating things, then there are those that know what they were meant to do from a very young age. God gives each of us a set of abilities, he expects us to develop them to it’s fullest potential, and not waste them!

You can discover your shape by: Assessing your gifts and abilities, Consider your heart and your personality, Examine your experiences and extract the lessons you have learned.

Learn to accept and enjoy your shape, be grateful for the gifts and abilities you have been given, don’t be jealous or envious of the abilities of another person, know your limitations within your abilities and remember that nobody is good at everything. We all have a part to play and for that reason we all have different abilities and gifts…Don’t ever compare yourself to another person.

Keep developing your shape, use them or lose them. Like everything else in life, in order to be great at your special ability or to reach your maximum abilities, you have to practice. Put your abilities to work, do your best for God.

Day 33: How Real Servants Act – Day 33 was an eye-opener for me. It really reminded me how a servant of God should act and carry themselves. While the world defines greatness in terms of power, possessions and position. When living a life for God greatness is measured by how you serve. We’re often tested by God when he asks us to serve in ways that we’re not shaped to do so. Your primary ministry should be in the area of your shape while your secondary ministry should be wherever you’re needed at the moment. Our servant’s heart reveals our maturity while our shape reveals our ministry.

Real servants make themselves available to serve – It’s important that as servants of God, we make ourselves available to him at all times. Often times we’re so consumed with our own day-to-day activities that we don’t “have time” to serve the way God wants us to.

Real servants pay attention to needs – servants are on the lookout for those that need help, they jump at the chance of helping others.

Real servants do their best with what they have – don’t make excuses, procrastinate or wait for your circumstances to get better to serve, do what you can with what you have, wherever you are.

Real servants do every task with equal dedication – whenever you do something, do it with all your heart, it doesn’t matter the size of the task, even menial tasks need to be done with a happy heart, Jesus did and so can we.

Real servants are faithful to their ministry –  it’s important that when we start something, that we finish it, keep your promises and fulfil commitments that have been made.

Real servants maintain a low profile – Everyone doesn’t need to know that you’re serving, it’s not something that you need to broadcast to the world, real servants don’t need praises from others. They already know that their reward is in Christ. You are serving God not man.


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