Purpose Driven Life, Days 34-35

Day 34: Thinking Like a Servant – To be a servant you have to think like one, and that includes serving with a true heart. Day 34 talks about the five attitudes that real servants serve God with:

Servants think more about others than about themselves – it’s important to be self-forgetful when serving others, focusing on the needs around us instead of our own. Thinking like a servant can be difficult because we’re selfish by nature, the best way to overcome this is through practice.

Servants think like stewards, not owners – Always remember that God owns it all, we must be faithful to our master, God. To become a real servant we must settle the issue of money in our lives, it’s said that we cannot serve both God and money, money has the biggest potential to replace God in our lives. An interesting line from this chapter is “when Jesus is your Master, money serves you, but if money is your Master, you become it’s slave.” It’s important to note that our faithfulness as a servant is tested using money, and how we serve God with what we have.

Servants think about their work, not what others are doing – When you’re busy doing what God has assigned you to do, you will not have time to look around and compare or criticize what others are doing. It’s especially important not to compete against another servant of God, we’re all playing for the same team here!

Servants base their identity in Christ – Once you know that you’ve been accepted by Christ and God, you don’t need to prove your worth to anyone else. As believers we are not above any task of service or ministering, Jesus washed his disciples feet, he did not care how others looked at him for doing this.

Servants think of ministry as an opportunity, not an obligation – This is one of the most important parts of serving, when you enjoy helping people, you get greater satisfaction out of serving. Serve the Lord with gladness at all times, show him that we’re grateful for his grace and all that he’s given us.


Day 35: God’s Power in Your Weakness – We all have weaknesses, the good thing about having them is that God can use them for his Glory and he does. Our weaknesses come in many forms, financial, relational, physical, spiritual, emotional or even intellectual. Day 35 encourages us to use Paul’s model of allowing God to use our weaknesses:

Admit your weaknesses – stop pretending that we have it all together, own our imperfections and be honest with ourselves. Take some time to identify our weaknesses and even put it on paper.

Be content with your weaknesses – Being content is an expression of faith, meaning you have faith that God and knows that he knows best for you. Our weaknesses allow us to depend on God and prevent arrogance and keeps us humble.

Honestly share your weaknesses – The more we’re able to let our guard down, take off our masks and share our struggles, the more God is able to use you in serving others.

Glory in your weaknesses – It’s important for us to use ourselves as a trophy of grace, when Satan points out our weaknesses, agree with him and fill your heart with praise for Jesus who understands our weaknesses and the Holy Spirit who helps us in our weaknesses.

Question of the day: Am I limiting God’s power in your life by trying to hide my weaknesses? What do I need to be honest about in order to help others?


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