Purpose Driven Life, Days 36

Day 36: Made For a Mission – Day 36 reminds us that we’re each made for a mission, and that mission is to spread the word of God.  We are here to continue the mission that Jesus Christ started, to bring every human to know God. This chapter lists seven reasons why our mission is so important:

Your mission is a continuation of Jesus’ mission on earth – Our commission from Jesus is to try to reach as many unbelievers as possible. We are responsible for the unbelievers around us, it is our duty to at least try to bring them to God.

Your mission is a wonderful privilege – It’s an honor and privilege to be used by God, we get to work with God and represent him.

Telling others how they can have eternal life is the greatest thing you can do for them – or long-term Christians it’s important to remember how hopeless it felt to be without Christ, share your testimony with others, tell them how to gain forgiveness from God through Christ.

Your mission has eternal significance – This mission is more important than any other goal or achievement you have, nothing else compares to you helping someone else have an eternal relationship with God. Tomorrow is not promised so we must do what we can right now, today!

Your mission gives your life meaning – This is why we must aim to live purpose driven lives, failing to fulfil your mission will be as if you’ve wasted the life God gave you. Remember that there are people who only you can reach, if that one person comes to God because of you, that is a great accomplishment.

God’s timetable for history’s conclusion is connected to the completion of our commission – No man knows the day or the hour of the second coming of Christ, he will come back when the mission has been fulfilled. Don’t be easily distracted from your mission, the minute you become serious about your mission the Devil will try to distract you, keep focused on God and stay the course.

To fulfill your mission you must abandon your own personal agenda and allow God to write one for you, take this to God in prayer and ask him to direct you. Ask God to help you do what he’s blessing, not bless what you’re doing. Once you’ve committed to fulfill your mission no matter the cost, you will start to experience the blessings of God in many ways. Throughout our lives we should always aim to get at least one more for Jesus!

Learning to live in the moment,


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