Purpose Driven Life, Days 37-38

Day 37: Sharing Your Life Message – Sharing your life message is one of the most personal things you can do to connect with non believers, this connects you on a personal level. There are four parts to your message:

Your Testimony – That’s the story of how your relationship with Jesus began and the difference he’s made in your life. This is our chance to be a witness to God. Share your testimony with others so that you can connect on a more intimate and personal level.

Your life lessons – these consist of the most important lessons God has taught you, these include lessons about relationships, problems, temptations etc that you’ve had experiences with. We must also learn from he mistakes that other people have made, it’s wise to learn from our own experiences, but it’s also wiser to learn from the experiences of others. Aim to get a lesson out of everyday experiences that we encounter.

Your Godly passions – These are the issues God shaped you to care about most, what has God put in your heart to be passionate about? Each of us are given a different passion, something that we want to talk about all the time, or something that we want to see change. It’s important to learn that not everyone will be passionate about your passion, but we must listen and value each other’s life message.

The Good News – This is the message of salvation, we must learn to share the message of salvation with the world and learn to love unbelievers that way God does.  Pray for those that don’t know Christ and continue to reach out to them by sharing the Good News with them.


Day 38: Becoming a World-Class Christian – Day 39 talks about the great commission and the difference between a world-class Christian and a worldly Christian. Worldly Christians look to God mainly for personal fulfillment, they’re saved but self-centered. The focus on a “me first” faith, asking God to make their lives more comfortable and for things to work in their favour. World-class Christians know that they were saved to serve and are made for a mission, then are passionate and excited about assignments from God. In today’s world there are many, many ways that we can minister to people around the world, especially with the internet.

To think like a world-class Christian, we must shift from self-centered thinking to other centered thinking. Think of others and how you can help them meet their needs, if you’re not sure how to do this, begin by asking the Holy Spirit for help when speaking to unbelievers, pray silent “breath prayers”. We should always try to bring unbelievers a step closer to Christ.

Shift from local thinking to global thinking, look for mission projects that you can do in another part of the world. This will not only enrich you culturally but you can also reach those who may have otherwise not be able to know Christ. Don’t make any excuses for doing a mission trip, every one of your abilities can be used when ministering. Get out of the mindset that God cannot use you.

Learning to live in the moment,



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