Spending Diet: Round 2

I’ve decided to do another spending diet month for June. I’m really excited about this, it’s going to give me a chance to get my spending back on track and kick me back into some serious savings gear. I already know of a couple of expenses this month (new tires and replacing my windshield), other than that I don’t expect to spend a great deal of money.

Same as before, I will not be spending money on anything I don’t need…I’ll be avoiding grocery shopping, for the most part I’ll only be buying fresh produce, other than that I will bleed my cupboards dry to use everything I have before I shop for anything extra. I’ll also be making a meal plan around what I already have. I’ll be tracking my spending and recording on a weekly basis, same as I did before. I’m looking forward to having a great month!

Learning to live in the moment,


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