The Fab Five

 The first time I heard this phrase a few years ago I didn’t really pay it much attention. Now, as I’ve gotten older and wiser, this statement has guided me in so many ways. It’s allowed me to evaluate myself and the people I surround myself with.

I don’t look at it as cutting certain people out of my life, but more of knowing what I want out of life and connecting with the people I can learn from the most, the people who will help me to get where I need to go. In this life I’ve learned that people will help you grow or hold you back, ultimately, it’s up to me to decide who stays and who goes.

I’ve been blessed to have a few people in my life who have made a tremendous impact either way. I’ve also been blessed to have a “Fab Five” that I can turn to and help me grow. They’re there when I need spiritual guidance or just a prayer, financial advice, health and fitness advice when I feel like giving up and encouragement to follow my dreams when things seem hopeless.

I’m blessed beyond measure to have these incredible people in my life, I’m grateful for their unwavering support that keeps me going.

Do you have a “Fab Five”? What do they mean to you?

Learning to live in the moment,


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