Journey To Minimalism: Room 2

250 pieces later…and I’m still going.

I’m still in the process of decluttering, I’ve been so busy this week it’s taking me longer than expected. I try to a little bit everyday to at least make sure that I’m getting something done towards the end goal…slow and steady wins the race!

Back to this 250…I’m totally amazed and a little embarrassed that we actually had that many pieces of clothes lying around that we just weren’t wearing. As I’m going through some of this stuff, I get a little depressed knowing that 1) I’ve wasted so much money on stuff that we didn’t actually need and 2) that we’ve been holding on to this stuff when so many other people are in need. Going forward I will definitely be thinking long and hard before I buy anything. More to come…

Learning to live in the moment,


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