Weight Loss Check In

It seems like it’s been a really long week, since my last check in anyways. I’ve been keeping pretty busy, with what seems like a million things to do everyday. I fell off the wagon last Friday and had a small bag of Lays chips and a box of chocolate milk and a cupcake…so disappointed! I have a serious love/hate relationship with food and I need to find a common ground somewhere. Other than that, I had an ok week, I upped my fruits and veggie intake and I’m also drinking more water.

I really didn’t lose anything this week, I’m at 151lbs even…I really need to step my game up. Hopefully next week I can report a loss of some sort.

For this week, I’ll be making green smoothies and replacing it with one of my meals (breakfast or lunch), and continuing to add more veggies to my eating plan. Incorporating more exercises into my day will be a challenge but I’ll have to make the necessary adjustments if I want to see results. The journey continues…

Learning to live in the moment,


One thought on “Weight Loss Check In

  1. You’re doing great. I’ve fell off the wagon a couple of times as well. Nobody’s perfect. If you keep eating clean and exercising on regular basis, you’ll reach your goal

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