Getting Back on Track…Financially

Well, I’ve fallen off the wagon…way off. They say old habits die hard and I now see how that saying is true. I’ve been very good over the last few years with saving and keeping my spending in check for the most part. Being financially stable has always been very important to me, especially since I have a son and I’m a single parent. Unfortunately, lately I’ve fallen back into some bad habits and it’s time to face the music. The only debt I have right now is my credit card, and that currently sits at $2,450…sigh. Over the next few months I’ll be focusing on strategies to pay this off and increase my savings. 

Sacrifices will have to be made, I’ll have to miss out on a few things like going out with family/friends but they’ll just have to understand for now. Short term pain for long-term gain. 

For the rest of October, I’ll be in no spend mode, I’ll be tracking my expenses and following my budget. 


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