Follow Your Dreams

I am in the midst of transforming my life, I’m starting my own business and it’s one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. Over the last few years I’ve been evaluating my life and came to the conclusion that I really wanted to work for myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I also knew that I was willing to do the work to get there.

I also knew that not everyone would be supportive, not everyone will want to see you succeed, not everyone will be in your corner.

I’ve lost lots of sleep, I’m constantly thinking about new things pertaining to my business, my hopes and dreams for my company keep me going. I’m constantly working to accomplish my goals so that I can build my brand. People say that I’m boring because I don’t splurge or go out all the time, I’d rather be home working on my business.

I don’t expect my business to profit overnight, or become this great success overnight. I know it will take time and lots of work. I also know that If I don’t put in the work now, come next year I’m going to wish I had started sooner.

I’m excited about this new chapter in my life…I’m also very, very scared. There are times when I think I’m scared of my own success, I know that’s a little weird. Especially since I’m going in this to be a successful business owner. I’ve giving it all I’ve got and I’m looking forward to reaping what I sow.

If you’re out there and you have a goal or dream you want to accomplish, I say do it! If you know you should have started last week, last month, last year or even years ago…start now. The time is passing by anyways, so why not make good use of it. Even the smallest step makes a difference.

Get up and get going…


4 thoughts on “Follow Your Dreams

  1. I love this.. Best of luck. I’m a new entrepreneur myself, and you struggle a few years, but I heard it’s fields of daisies and unicorns. The struggle makes it all the more sweeter a couple years down the road

  2. Keep, going! It’s a great feeling to have those dreams and thoughts. I bet it will be even more amazing, when, they come to reality. I will pray for you.

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