14 Days Vegetarian Challenge

I decided to do a personal challenge for 14 days. I picked 14 days because it’s attainable and doesn’t seem like an unreasonable amount of time.

I’m really looking forward to this challenge, it will give me an opportunity to stretch my boundaries of creativity when creating meals and hopefully plan my meals a little better. I started yesterday (February 15) and will finish up at the end of the month. So far I’m two days down and feeling great. I’m not finding it a big challenge to find recipes and meals at this point.

The biggest challenge for me will be the temptation of wanting to eat meat and dairy, I will definitely have to come up with a strategy for this. I’ll be posting my meal plan for the week tomorrow once I finalize it and make the necessary preparations.

Learning to live in the moment…


7 thoughts on “14 Days Vegetarian Challenge

  1. Good luck to you. I definitely like to try and be more creative with my cooking. I was a vegetarian for a long time, but I’m not currently. I would totally do a challenge like this though!

    • Thanks! What made you switch back? If you don’t mind me asking…this is just an experiment I’m doing to see if it’s just too restrictive for me in terms of what I want to eat.

      • Not at all. So the main thing was the fact that my husband is not a vegetarian and it was just a bit much figure out two different things for meals all the time. Although I do still eat meat free “meat” (like Boca Burgers and such) just because I like them 🙂

      • I’m having a similar issue as well but with my son, so I’m having to add meat to his dinner. I try to cook things that can go either way or extra tasty so he doesn’t miss the meat portion so much.

      • I’d be open to doing it again really. We’re currently working on getting meat in a more humane fashion (like that has been raised by farmers or people we know) since that was the main issue for me when I did it. So it’s a work in progress!

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