Creating Your Future: Writing Your Affirmation Letter


There are many times in my life when change is needed – and when I get the urge to make the bigger, scary, challenging changes – then this tip always come into practise 🙂

Writing is a very powerful tool – it helps release/create our truth and grounds us. It also helps to clarify our thoughts/inspirations, so we are not holding them within – which can have a counteracting effect by becoming confusing!

How to create this affirmation letter?

Affirmations are very positive as they re-wire your thought patterns and break through fears, which may have been stopping you from going for what you want.

When you write an affirmation letter, you are basically writing as if you are in the future and explaining what you have in your newer version of your life.

Let’s get started!

First, let’s do a visualisation meditation. Sit in a quiet place and let…

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